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I'm a 24-yr-old quilter. Yes it's true even the young like to quilt! I've recently made the decision to move back home to live and try to work. I am a teacher and I love my work... but I also very much love my hobby time.

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Recently I had the itch to teach. Which isn't all that unusual to me. I am a teacher, but my students are usually aged 6-12 and are learning math, language, science etc! I decided to approach the local craft guild, craft store and college.  The college was the only one who was interested in a modern beginners quilt class. Unfortunately this semester we only had 5 students interested and we needed 10! Maybe next time we'll have better luck. One thing is for sure, I won't stop trying just because this avenue didn't work exactly the way I thought it should.

I've been tempted to start a branch of the Modern Quilt Guild here too. We'll see how that goes... I'm not sure the frumpy grandma quilters here are ready to be thrown into the exciting world of pre-cuts, solids and 100%cotton fabrics! We'll see how that adventure grows.

Also, I'd like to take this time up on my soap box to remind you all to be kind spirits. Be giving of yourself (not over-extending though!) and help others when you can. Recently I was involved with the Patches for Lissa quilt project. Nothing was ever so rewarding as sending out those 3 quilt blocks. I urge to to commit to 1 project like this a year not only to enrich your life but the lives of others. This year I'm attempting to become involved in the Habitat for Humanity work that is happening in my community. They are supposed to build 4 homes here this year... the first time ever in our community. I'm thinking about getting a group of quilters together to make 4 quilts (at least) for each home. I'd love to be involved in that but I think it's just out of reach for this year. We'll see what the coming years bring! I'm sure I'll be involved in something.

That's a lot about me I guess! I hope you liked what you learned about me. Please have a great 2011 quilting season! I enjoy reading your blogs and I hope you keep coming back to mine.